Commitment to the Environment

Our concern for our environment responsibility is evident in our spending of RM3.5 miilion for the advanced waste water treatment plant erected in year 2000, till date, it is still one of the state of art and most talk about waste treatment plant of PCB industry in Malaysia.

While making progress towards green environment with our environment Environmental Policy, GG has successfully obtained ISO14001:2015.

Environment Policy

GG acknowledges the environmental impact caused by the business operation and
products. In line with our commitment to protect the global environment, GG team is committed to the followings:

Identify and comply with all the rules and regulation relevant to environmental
compliance as per the requirement of ISO14001:2015

Maintain and ensure the effectiveness of the environmental management system through setting of objective & targets, carry out regular internal audit/ Management review/continual improvement activities.

Reduce environmental reliability thru:

• Reduce or replace of hazardous materials, a commitment to the protection of the
environment and prevention of pollution

• Reduce or eliminate environmental unfriendly wastes and harmful emissions such as,effluent, chemical wastes, noise etc., from the manufacturing operation. A commitment to fulfill its compliance obligations.

• Effective use of material resources by improving the in-process yield rate.
Provide all employees and personal work on behalf with appropriate trainings and
effective communication to ensure their awareness of the environmental policy and
requirement documented in the Environment management system.

By the participation of all employees and the full commitment of management team, we aim to carry out the above and bring for the realization of this policy.

Water Treatment Plant

ISO 14001:2015